Westchester Jewish Center

Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Judaica Gallery

WJC is proud to have the Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Judaica Gallery in our main lobby.

This award-winning exhibition space is home to revolving exhibitions that mirror the Jewish world, in microcosm.

Through fine art, folk art and photography, our thematic shows are culled from contemporary artists, historical content and our members’ collections.

The Gallery, in conjunction with other committees, often brings in artists and historians for associated lectures.


Recently, we exhibited: Abshalom Jac Lahav: "Selection from 48 Jews" 

This recent exhibition was an exploration of Jewish identity through portraiture. Jac Lahav's series of oil paintings depicts influential Jews, such as Anne Frank, Marcel Marceau and Frida Kahlo—including some surprises—and evokes the boldness and emotion of Andy Warhol's and Gerhard Richter's portraits. Lahav employs images of transcending figures in new contexts, while referencing historical modes of painting. His work has appeared at the Jewish Museum in New York, the Oregon Jewish Museum in Portland, the Richmond Art Museum in Indiana, the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz, as well as numerous galleries in New York and abroad.

We were pleased to have the privilege of sharing these works with our WJC congregants, students and surrounding community.

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming exhibitions!

For more information or to inquire if a piece of art is for sale, please contact Amy Levine-Kennedy.