Westchester Jewish Center

Bikur Cholim

ChallahWhy is bikur cholim important? 

  • Because people need to feel connected to the community especially when they are ill or homebound.

  • Because bringing the community to the bedside lifts the spirit of those who may feel forgotten.

  • Because studies have shown that social contact and support positively influences those needing and receiving comfort.

  • Because visiting and caring activities helps build community and character.

  • Because we are acting in a G-dly way when we visit.


- Sign up to make a meal for fellow congregants for Shivas, births or illnesses. We maintain a lengthy list of excellent chefs who are called upon on a rotating basis as the need arises.


- Sign up to visit and bring cheer and warmth to our fellow congregants. Guidance will be offered as appropriate.


Please let us know if you would like a visit or know someone who would benefit from a visit.

Please also let us know if you need a meal or know someone who could use a meal.


Contact us at [email protected].