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Reading Torah

For the most part, the traditional prayers in Judaism are fixed both in content and in time.

And yet, every person is different. Each one of us has our own mind, our own soul.

Each of us brings not only a different level of knowledge and understanding to the service, but each of us also brings a different set of emotional realities and needs.


Davenology, a long and important part of the Jewish Renewal world, has much to teach us about how we learn to connect to prayer.

It is not merely an exploration into the prayers. It is an exploration into ourselves.

The goal is not only to understand the prayers but to build a bridge between ourselves and our ancient words.  

Together, we can explore the deep and powerful insights into the most common prayers as well as break down some of the barriers that keep many Jews from entering into the amazing world of Jewish prayer.


Davenology is for everyone - both those who are regulars at Shabbat services as well as those who have wanted to find a gateway into this spiritual world. Join us as we engage in a combination of learning and sharing.

There is no previous knowledge of Hebrew or prayers necessary.


Recently, Rabbi Segelman recorded the two session Davenology class that he offered at WJC, and has made the audio from these sessions available here.  

Links are provided below, and should be listened to in order of the listing below.


Davenology: Session 1, Part 1


Davenology: Session 1, Part 2


Davenology: Session 2, Part 1


Davenology: Session 2, Part 2