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Religious School Enrichment Programs


EnrichmentWJC offers a Religious School program that innovatively combines formal classroom instruction with enrichment programs to provide an engaging and dynamic Jewish experience for children and families.

In the formal classroom component of the Religious School, emphasis is placed on Hebrew language instruction, Torah, Jewish values, History and Holidays. In addition, we focus on teaching children of all ages prayers, as well as their meaning and value of prayer, cultivating children who enjoy participating and leading Shabbat and Holiday services. Kindergarten and 1st graders attend Religious School on Sunday mornings and, beginning in 2nd grade, children attend on Sunday morning and one weekday afternoon.

Complementing the formal classroom component of the Religious School, WJC offers children and families a variety of enrichment programs. Children are required to participate in four or more enrichment programs over the course of the year. The following are the different types of enrichment programs being offered:

  • Classroom-based learning. Modules vary by grade and run anywhere from 3 weeks to the full school year. Topics include Israeli Dancing, Kashrut and Cooking, Jewish History Book Club, Conversational Hebrew, Nature and Judaism, All about Israel, and Jewish Sports Heroes.

  • Synagogue-wide programs. These programs are designed to engage the whole family in the WJC experience. Friday night family services and dinner, Purim services, Simchat Torah celebrations are just a few examples of the lively opportunities WJC offers to families in our congregation.

  • Family activities. We encourage the Religious School community to expand their Jewish educational experience beyond the school and the synagogue. Performing mitzvot as a family, conducting Jewish rituals as a family at home, and visiting a Jewish museum are highlights of family activities.

The Religious School is very excited about this innovative curriculum. We welcome your questions. Please feel free to contact Aleza Kulp, Education Director at (914) 698-2966 or [email protected]







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