Westchester Jewish Center

Learning Opportunities

TalmudOngoing learning for our members is an integral part of life at WJC. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities for learning. This will give you an idea of the broad range of programs at WJC. Please note that not every program is offered each year. Programs that are available in any given year will be posted in the 'Educating Ourselves' section of our website. Program dates will appear there and on the calendar.

Adult B'nei Mitzvah
Chai Mitzvah
Israeli Dancing
Jewish Spirituality Programs
Project Pray
Talmud Class
Tikkun Leyl Shavuot
Yom Tov Preparation

Adult B'nei Mitzvah: The Adult B'nei Mitzvah class provides members with an opportunity to participate in a course of ongoing and exciting Jewish study. The program covers topics that include the Jewish Bible, Jewish Law, Prayer, Jewish History, Israel and Zionism, Holidays and Jewish Philosophy. Participants develop a strong sense of community as well as a deeper knowledge of Judaism and their heritage as they study with Rabbi Segelman and Rabbi Monosov. For more information, please contact Rabbi Segelman, Rabbi Monosov or call the WJC office.  

Chai Mitzvah: Judaism for Adults! Chai Mitzvah, which is partnering with WJC, helps adults explore key aspects of Judaism which include study, ritual, social action, and community involvement. Age ranges of participants are 26-33, 46-52, 64-70 & 80 years & older. Chai Mitzvah helps us to keep learning and growing our Judaism as we grow and mature in other aspects of our adult lives.  If you are eligible and interested inbecoming a "Chai Mitzvah", contact Rabbi Segelman at [email protected].

Israeli Dancing: Tune up on or learn Israeli dancing before the annual Dinner Dance.

Jewish Spirituality Programs: These are periodic programs designed to facilitate and support an individual’s quest to explore and deepen his or her awareness of and relationship with God. For more information, please contact Eva Sax-Bolder at [email protected]

Project Pray: Project Pray is designed to make participants more comfortable with the Shabbat morning service. Over the course of three evenings, we will cover the sections of the service: Pesukei D’Zimrah, Beirchot HaShachar, Schaachrit, The Torah Service and Musaf. Learn what to do and when. For more information, please contact Rabbi Segelman at [email protected]

Talmud Class: Each winter the Rabbis teach a course on some aspect of Talmud. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary to study and learn from one of the central works of Judaism. Check the calendar for dates and times. For more information on this year's class, contact Rabbi Segelman at [email protected]

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot: Each year on erev Shavuot, WJC holds classes with the Rabbis in keeping with the tradition of all night study on the night before Shavuot. For more information, please contact Rabbi Adir Ylolkut at [email protected].

Yom Tov Preparation: In preparation for holidays, we offer classes to help you get focused on the spiritual preparation for holidays (as opposed to just the physical preparation). For more information, please contact Rabbi Segelman at [email protected]