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High Holiday Study Service 2014

The High Holidays are now behind us, but great memories remain from the inspiring kavanahs and drashes presented in the Study Service.  Many have asked for copies of the talks, and we are pleased to present them here (highlighted as a hyperlink).  Themes for this year included Mindfulness and Accountability, and we thank our members who shared their thoughts, personal experiences and learning with our community.

Please read, learn and enjoy but remember that the content of each document is that of the author's and may not be used without permission from the author.  Thank you, Sharon Weinstock, Chair. 

Rosh Hashana Day 1

David Nanus - Mindfulness in Our Prayers

Jama Purser - Thoughts on the Haftorah: Sarah and Hagar

Daniela Tolchinsky - Mindfulness and Prayer

Rosh Hashana Day 2

Gabby Tolchinsky - Reflections on the Parsha

Sharon Weinstock - The Worshipper as a "Borrower"

Kol Nidre

Karen Everett - Making Room for God

Yom Kippur

Steven Rabinowitz  - The Theme of Accountability

Jen Tobenstein - Reflections on the Haftorah Reading

Laura Chess - Kaddish for My Father, Marvin Schechter

Dena Magram - Kaddish

Renee Cohen - A Year of Saying Kaddish

Ben Golub - Accountability

Summer 2012

Rabbi Steigmann's Farewell Sermon on "The Particularistic and the Universalistic: Religion in 21st Center North America"

Spring 2012

Rabbi Segelman on the issue of past and present prayer services at WJC, and a vision for the future

Fall 2011

Rabbi Monosov's Kavanah: 11/6/2011 Renewal Service

High Holiday Study Service 2010

Rabbi Steigmann on Making a Deal (his decision to become a vegetarian)

Summer 2010

Linda Alpert on Pinchas

Marc Shulman on Israel and the State of Judaism

Summer 2009

Amy Holtzer on Eikev & Birkhat Ha Mazon

Michelle Gavens on Rosh Hodesh Elul

Summer 2008

Martin Marcus on Masei and self-incrimination

Roger Weiss on Eikev