Westchester Jewish Center


HealingThe mi'she'bayrach prayer is a prayer for healing. It is offered as part of the Torah service whenever the Torah is read.

At WJC, Rabbi Segelman or Rabbi Monosov recites the prayer in Hebrew and offers congregants a chance either to come up to the bimah and say the names in Hebrew or English of those who they want included in the prayer or to say the name quietly from their seat.

The Hebrew name, as used in the prayer, customarily includes the person's given name followed by 'ben' (males) or 'bat' (females), followed by the person's mother's given name.

The prayer is also recited in English.

If you wish to have someone’s name included in the prayer and cannot get to synagogue, please contact Rabbi Segelman at [email protected] or Rabbi Monosov, Assistant Rabbi, at [email protected].