Westchester Jewish Center

Melody for Rosh Hashanah

Apples and HoneyDuring musaf on Rosh Hashanah, after blowing the shofar, we sing Areshet S'fateinu - asking God who hears the sound of the shofar to hear and find acceptable our words and recitation.

May the request of our lips win Your favor, most high and exalted God, who does perceive and hear our sounding of the Shofar. Accept graciously our recital of of the Zichronot.

Areshet sefateinu ye-erav le'fanecha El ram v'nissa

Meivin u'ma'azin, ma'bit u'makshiv l'kol tekiya'teinu

U'te'kabbel b'rachamim u've'ratzon seder zichrono'teinu

Click here to hear the melody we will be using on the first day of Rosh Hashanah for Areshet S'fateinu.