Westchester Jewish Center

Green Committee

Green Committee

Green Committee Chairs: Monica Barach, Meri Sirkin

Mission: Works collaboratively with other WJC groups to educate the community on how to sustain and respect the environment through open discussions, monthly articles in The Review, library literature and participation in shul-wide holiday events such as Tu B-Shevat, Hanukkah, Purim and Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Because a respect for nature is a core value in Judaism, this committee looks for ways to share ideas that make WJC and members more environmentally responsible. Through its efforts and discussion about energy use, recycling, composting and solar energy, the Green Committee has been able to help effect positive changes at WJC especially in relation to a reduction in the shul’s energy use.

Activity: Committee members meet monthly to share ideas.  Then, often in conjunction with other programming events and seasonal relevance, they presents tips, offers hands-on projects, etc. to teach about composting, efficient energy use, healthy gardening, etc.

We also contribute to healing the world by becoming more aware of our environment through various activities sponsored by the Green Committee.  Our mission is to educate our congregation on how to sustain and respect the environment.  Read here on ways we can change our habits and eat more humanly raised meat and sustainable food, all in keeping with the spirit of Jewish law. 

Please contact us through the office if you would like to become involved with or have questions about our committee and check the WJC calendar for a list of our meetings.