Westchester Jewish Center

Mitzvah Opportunities

ClothingThis multi-faceted event is held annually in November. We collect gently used clothing for donation to Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester. We collect over the counter medications for the elderly Jewish community in Ternopil, Ukraine. In addition, the Brotherhood holds its annual Blood Drive on Mitzvah Day. Clean out your closets and help those in need! Contact Eve Edelman Russ at [email protected]

Each year, we ask members to donate and/or participate in the following:

Clothing Drive: Donate clothes in good condition for needy organizations. Every year we fill a large truck completely.

Medicine Drive: Donate over-the-counter medicines that are shipped to Ternopil, Ukraine. After the fall of the USSR we became “twinned” with the city of Ternopil in the Ukraine through Y'ad L'Yad (Hand to Hand), an organization that links Jewish communities in the former USSR with American synagogues to help keep an eye on their safety and health. Many of the elderly Jews there are living below poverty level and are in desperate need of OTC medicines.

Knitting Circle: Meet and knit chemotherapy caps, preemie hats, shawls and blankets for those in need. Last year, donations were made to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center's Chemotherapy Department and Blythedale Children's Hospital. (This group also meets bimonthly during the year.) Contact Adria Pass at [email protected].

Brotherhood Blood Drive: Give Blood! The New York Blood Center comes to WJC to collect donations for the area hospitals. The Brotherhood coordinates this and provides refreshments. For more information, please contact [email protected]


Mitzvah Drivers

Mitzvah Drivers
Sign up to help drive an elderly WJC member to shul on Shabbat or doctor’s appointments.
We maintain a list of volunteers who help fulfill this need on a rotating basis.

Contact Ruth Obernbreit Glass at [email protected]