Westchester Jewish Center

B'nei Mitzvah Projects

Tikkun OlamCongratulations on becoming
a Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

You are now "God's partner" in making our world a better place, which is the focus of the B'nei Mitzvah Project Handbook.

This is so important for us, as Jews, that the daily prayers remind us three times a day that we are to engage in tikkun olam, the repair of the world.

Click on the link provided below to access the B'nei Mitzvah Project Handbook to look for projects that spark your interest.

This year, we are excited to present a new opportunity that involves working with an organization dedicated to developing job skills and employment opportunities for teen girls and young women with autism.  Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

If you have pursuits that are not addressed in this Mitzvah Project Handbook, give some thought to how you can use them in the service of making things better.

We hope that this handbook, with its listing of many ideas, will inspire you to make the performance of mitzvota natural part of your life.

Click here to view the B'nei Mitzvah Project Handbook.