Westchester Jewish Center

Parents Association (PA)

Purim CarnivalWho We Are: The WJC Parents Association (PA) is for you, the parents. We serve as the major link between parents and the Center to help our children and their families maximize their educational and cultural experiences at WJC. The PA has its own officers. Its programs are supported through annual dues and various fundraising projects.

What We Do: Our goal is to help enrich our parents’ and children’s religious school experiences. The PA supports the Religious School by providing refreshments, siddurim (prayerbook) gifts, enhancements for the classrooms, Chanukah gift bags for the children, administrative and newsletter mailings, appreciation gifts for the teachers and staff, and graduation festivities. We also support all children at WJC, both Religious and Day School, with holiday refreshment and snack programs, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tanakh gifts and the fun-filled Purim Carnival.

Please volunteer. It is a great way to get involved and to meet fellow congregants. It is also fun! Volunteer involvement is available at all levels and can include helping out at fundraising events, organizing Holiday activities and refreshments, and promoting new programs.

Sampling of PA Programs (Please note, not every program is offered every year.)

  • Purim Carnival
  • Custom-Made Siddur Covers
  • Chanukah Activity and Celebration
  • Gift Wrap Fundraiser
  • Passover Candy Sale
  • Pre-Passover Wine Tasting and Sale
  • Chanukah Gift Bags
  • Kids Focus: Photography Contest & Exhibit
  • Basketball Shoot Out for Tzedakah
  • Book Fair

For more information, please contact the PA officers at [email protected]

  • Co-presidents: Amanda Lapides and Jacqui Kaplan