Westchester Jewish Center

Adult Education

 Adult Education Committee 

Chair: Heather Taffet Gold

Mission:  Engages all members of the synagogue community to make them coRabbi Segelman greeting author Leah Vincentmfortable with religious and ritualistic elements of Judaism through rich and varied programming. The Committee helps congregants:

·         Familiarize themselves with Halacha (rules that govern decision making)

·         Develop or deepen an understanding of Jewish history and culture

·         Find avenues for Hebrew and Jewish literacy

·         Encourages the establishment of a lifetime identity with the State of Israel

Activity:  Chair or cosponsor events that focus on adults or inter-generational learning.  In addition to sponsoring the annual Scholar-in-Residence weekend, the committee organizes discussion groups, presentations, etc.  Ideas are always welcomed.

Upcoming Events for 2015-2016:

November 18, 2015, co-sponsored with Brotherhood & Hendel Library:

The Pious Ones- Inside look at the world of Hasidim - Book Discussion lead by two former NY Times Journalists  & Larchmont residents: Joe Berger and Jacques Steinberg (WJC Trustee).

January 8, 2015 Rhythm & Ruach, With Mosaic of Westchester, LGBT inclusive Shabbat with brief panel after service. 

January 22-23, 2016 - Scholar-in-Residence Weekend featuring University of Michigan historian Professor Deborah Dash Moore who will speak on her book: Urban Origins of American Judaism

For more information regarding the Adult Education Committee or to get involved, please contact Heather Taffet Gold, [email protected].