Westchester Jewish Center

Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Judaica Gallery

WJC is proud to have the Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Judaica Gallery in our main lobby. This award-winning exhibition space is home to revolving exhibitions that mirror the Jewish world in microcosm.

Through fine art, folk art and photography, our thematic shows are culled from contemporary artists, historical content and our members’ collections. The Gallery, in conjunction with other committees, often brings in artists and historians for associated lectures.

The Koslowe Gallery is geared up for a rich and exciting 2015-16 year!


Spring Exhibition:  #MeditationsOnPlace 

Thursday, June 2, 7:45pm


Artists Yona Verwer and Cynthia Beth Rubin weave together the stories of the past and present in layers of paint, photographs, video and recordings. Their project consists of digital prints, acrylic paint and augmented reality on canvas, with imagery reflecting the former Jewish immigrant neighborhood of New York’s Lower East Side and synagogues throughout Europe.

Using an iPad, the viewer triggers videos embedded in signs and motifs, such as zodiac-adorned shuls or city fire escapes, embarking on a discovery process of the layered history in each. Framed works depicting motifs and manuscripts from the Brussels Synagogue and the Marseilles Bible are also among the works in the show, each layered with the artists’ skills to finesse and highlight places that are left after years of settlement and diaspora. One focused on geometric patterns, the other imagined relatives sitting on city stoops on hot summer nights. This diversity of response is what made the collaboration so successful and interesting to observe.

Verwer, the director of the Jewish Art Salon and Rubin, a professor of digital art, have shown their work extensively throughout the world.


For more information or to inquire if a piece of art is for sale, please contact our WJC gallery curator Amy Levine-Kennedy.