Westchester Jewish Center

Spiritual Life Committee

The WJC Spiritual Life Committee (formerly known as the Ritual Committee)  meets monthly to discuss issues related to the religious life of our community. The committee has three primary roles:

In consultation with our rabbis, the committee reviews and provides recommendations on halachic issues as they arise and as they affect WJC. Note: Rabbi Segelman has the final say on all such issues.

In consultation with our rabbis, the committee ensures that all religious services are held. The committee also leads efforts to introduce, develop and/or maintain programs and activities that enhance the spiritual environment and religious life of our shul and ensures that appropriate decorum is maintained.

The committee interviews and recommends candidates for the position of senior rabbi (for consideration/selection by the congregation); and selects and appoints a cantor and assistant rabbi.

The Spiritual Life Committee (SLC) also addresses matters such as maintaining a daily minyan, communicating with members about yarzheit observances, and selecting and purchasing prayer books. We also work with other synagogue committees on issues of mutual concern (e.g., B’nei Mitzvah).

SLC  also holds periodic discussions on contemporary issues of halacha. In recent years, we have discussed the use of musical instruments in Shabbat worship, ordination of gay rabbis in the Conservative Movement and halachic concerns in end-of-life issues.

The  Spiritual Life Committee has three standing subcommittees:

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