Westchester Jewish Center

High Holidays 2017 / 5778 Procedures

Apples and Honey


The following are important things to know about attending High Holiday services at WJC.

Please review the information below to help make the High Holidays a meaningful, warm and inclusive experience for us all.




Safety and Security Procedures:

- There will be only one (1) entrance into WJC. The main entrance near the sanctuary must be used.

- Everyone must have a ticket in order to enter the synagogue at any time.

- If you do not have a ticket, you may be questioned before being permitted to enter.

- A parent must accompany children if they are not carrying a ticket.

- Children under age 10 should wear their informational sticker at all times.

- If you exit the building, you may only re-enter with a ticket in-hand.

- All building exits will be monitored.

- Bags may be inspected prior to gaining access to the building.



- Additional parking is available in the Mamaroneck High School parking lots.

- Do not park in the Town of Mamaroneck parking lots on Rosh Hashanah, as the holiday falls on business days.

- Parking is allowed in the Town of Mamaroneck parking lot on Yom Kippur, since it falls on Saturday.

- Handicapped parking must be pre-arranged with the WJC office prior to the holidays. 

- No car will be allowed on the premises, even for a drop-off, without a WJC parking permit.

- If you wish to park at WJC prior to Kol Nidre, please contact the WJC office for a permit.


Youth Service Information:

- Children younger than 2nd grade must wear a name tag or badge to attend a Youth Service.

- Siblings of different ages may not remain in services which are not age appropriate.

- Children in 3rd grade and younger must be accompanied by a parent and picked up by a parent.

- Snacks (water, challah, pretzels) will be provided to children ages 2 through 7th grade on Rosh Hashanah and children ages 3 through 4th grade on Yom Kippur.

- No one will be permitted to remain in any room before or after youth programs.

- All electronics including iPods and cell phones should be left at home or remain unseen during programs.

- Students will not be dismissed until the completion of the program, unless accompanied by a parent.

- Children are not permitted to wander through the building unaccompanied by an adult.

- Every child/teen under the age of 18 must be either in the adult service or in a youth service.