Westchester Jewish Center

10 Ways We Can Help Israel

  1. Israel FlagBuy Israeli products and services. We can support Israel by purchasing Israeli wine for Shabbat and other foods available in our community. 
  2. Plant trees in Israel with JNF. You can go directly to their website at www.jnf.org 
  3. Send care packages to Israeli soldiers at www.apackagefromhome.org 
  4. If you have family or friends living in Israel, write a letter or a make phone call to show them that you are thinking of them.
  5. Put an Israeli flag in your window at home to show friends in your community that you support Israel.
  6. Contact our local members of Congress and thank them for their support for Israel.
  7. Discuss the current news on Israel as a family each day.
  8. Come to synagogue on Shabbat to pray for Israel.
  9. Visit different Israeli news sites such as www.haaretz.com, www.jerusalempost.com, and www.ynetnews.com 
  10. Visit the Hendel Family Library at WJC and learn more about Israel and its’ history.

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