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Joining the WJC Community

Home Why Join a Synagogue
Some people join a synagogue when their children start Religious School; others in Nursery School; some join simply so their child can have a bar mitzvah. But the real reason to join a synagogue, whenever you choose to join, is to be part of a Jewish community – to have a place to grow Jewishly; to celebrate and to find support in times of need; and to live a life by the Jewish calendar and to identify with other Jews. Above all, WJC is about being a Jewish community and living as a Jewish community. We welcome all who wish to join us.

Synagogue Participation
There are many ways to become an active member of WJC – through our Early Childhood Center, Religious School, one of our many committees, adult education or by attending our religious services. Come to morning minyan on Thursday, stay for Thursday morning Torah. Bring your child to Torah for Tots, stay for Kiddush; Come to a Nursery Auxiliary parent mixer; find out how you can help at the Parent Association Purim Carnival. We encourage your participation and will help you find your place in our congregational life.

You can reach our Rabbis by email at:

Rabbi Jeffrey T. Segelman at [email protected]

Rabbi Adir Yolkut at [email protected]

or by calling the office at (914) 698-2960. If you are planning to come visit us on a Shabbat morning, please let the office know or email [email protected].

Synagogue commitment
By becoming a member of WJC, you make a commitment to financially support the life of the congregation through dues. Like most synagogues, WJC has a dues structure that seeks to accommodate our members’ needs. No one is denied membership for financial reasons. Please call Susan Lurie at 914-698-2960 to discuss membership dues.

Please click on Membership Application to download.