Westchester Jewish Center

Contact Us

Contact Us

By Phone:  
Administrative Office 914-698-2960
Religious School 914-698-2966
Early Childhood Center 914-698-2767
Fax: 914-698-3610


Rabbi Jeffrey T. Segelman [email protected]
Assistant Rabbi Adir Yolkut [email protected]
Cantor Ethan Goldberg [email protected]





Administrative Office:    
Executive Director Susan Lurie [email protected]
Office Manager Naomi Kauffman [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Rosie Aronin [email protected]
Main Office Secretary Kim Lewis [email protected]
Bookkeeper Millie Briceno [email protected]
Director of Communications & Marketing Pat Tinto [email protected]
Director of Teen Engagement Shoshi Rosenbaum     [email protected]
Librarian Arlene Ratzabi [email protected]
Building Superintendent Jose-Luis Fonseca [email protected]


Religious School:    
Education Director & Congregation Program Coordinator Aleza Kulp [email protected]
Asst. Religious School Principal            Ziva Wagner [email protected]
Secretary Eileen     Fortuna            [email protected]


Early Childhood Center:    
Early Childhood Director                   Sabrina Landau [email protected]
Secretary Sandy Fenton [email protected]
Early Childhood Teachers   [email protected]


Other Important E-mails                
WJC President            Jeffrey Lavine [email protected]
Financial Secretary ** Yale Zoland [email protected]
General Information   [email protected]
Webmaster   [email protected]
Ask the Clergy   [email protected]


**Please contact the financial secretary if you have problems resolving the balance on your account.