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Educational Leadership Institute (ELI)

Educational Leadership Institute (ELI)

Hebrew High School students in our eleventh and twelfth grade that are in good standing may be invited by the Educational Director to participate in the Educational Leadership Institute.

ELI students meet with the Educational Director 6-8 times during the school year. Together students learn the basic skills and theories essential to teaching in a school. ELI students work in the Religious School as classroom aides and student teach during the course of the school year as part of their course requirements.

Upon successful completion of ELI, students graduate with a certificate that permits graduates to teach grades Kindergarten – Second grade in any Religious School.

Our congregation sets very high standards of eligibility for admission to the program. Each participating synagogue chooses students from the 11th and 12th grade class to invite to join the program. The standards and expectations are high!

Students must be enrolled and have strong attendance in Hebrew High School.

They must be a dugma, a role model, at all times for others. For more information, please contact Aleza Kulp, Education Director at (914) 698-2966 or

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