Westchester Jewish Center

Music Enrichment Committee

Mission: The Musical Enrichment Committee (MEC) serves to enhance the role of music (vocal and instrumental) in all aspects of synagogue life, including prayer services.  In consultation with the clergy and other interested committees of the Center, the MEC suggests ways for music to:  enhance the spirituality of our prayer and other services; deepen our understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture and our Jewish heritage; engage the community by providing opportunities for member participation (adults and children) in concerts, workshops and other learning experiences with contemporary Jewish musicians; create a welcoming environment for current and prospective members and the community-at-large.  The MEC liaises with WJC clergy, leaders of our religious schools and interested committees, including Ritual, in generating and implementing musical programming while serving as a sounding board for all things musical at WJC.

Activities:  Newer services (R&R and Shabbat Contemporary Service) are examples of what this committee supports.  The MEC also leads efforts to bring musical enhancement to existing services (i.e.:  Shabbat Shira a cappella), as well as new musical programs to the calendar throughout the year (i.e.:  Jewish Jazz evening).

  • Contemporary Service
    Let your spirit soar as we journey through an abbreviated Shabbat morning service every month. This 90 minute service includes group prayer and singing accompanied by instruments, silence for personal reflection and a brief Torah reading and sermon.  Join the rest of the WJC community for Kiddush and time to schmooze. No matter what your experience has been with Jewish prayer, we invite you to tend toyour soul and connect with others through prayer, music and learning together.
  • Rhythm & Ruach
    Mission: Build community and engagement in prayer through musical Friday night services. 
    Activity:  Services are scheduled throughout the school year, occasional community Shabbat dinners scheduled for all.  Dessert receptions after each service. 

Note:  May and June services held outdoors.

  • Renewal Services
    Share the experience of music and prayer at WJC's Renewal Service.
    Experience a Renewal Service on Sundays from 7:00-8:00pm. We sing, we pray, we share words of inspiration. There is an overwhelming sense of community as we pass the Torah from person to person, generation to generation. The service is followed by coffee and dessert and a chance to connect with friends.
    We look forward to welcoming you!