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Daily & Weekly Services

Daily & Weekly Services

Daily Minyan

WJC holds twice daily minyans on all weekdays, Sundays and federal holidays. We rely upon our members to make up our minyans, which are essential to the spiritual life of our shul.

Morning minyan:

  • Weekdays: 7:00am; Sundays and Weekday Federal Holidays: 8:30am

Evening minyan:

  • Weekdays and Sundays (non-Yom Tov): 7:30pm
  • When a congregant is sitting shiva, minyan is held at 7:45pm at the shiva house. Please call the office at 914-698-2960 for shiva minyan information.

Shabbat Services

Kabbalat Shabbat:

We welcome Shabbat on Friday nights. Check our calendar for service times.

Family Friday Night Shabbat Services:

This fun program, held multiple times throughout the school year, is designed for our youngest families. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Early Childhood Center families and celebrate Shabbat with your loved ones. Services are child-friendly and interactive.

Rhythm & Ruach:

For more information, contact Pam Mizrachi

Join us on these special Friday nights for an hour-long service to welcome Shabbat, reflect on the week and connect with God and with each other. Learn new melodies and sing your old favorites.

Stick around for dessert and time to connect with friends and make new ones.

When dinner is a part of our evening, contact the office at 914-698-2960 for reservations.

2017-18 Dates:
September 8: 6:00pm Service “Under the Stars,” (Dinner 7:00pm)
October 6: 7:30pm Service (Dinner in the Sukkah 6:30pm)
December 1: 7:30pm Service (Dinner 6:30pm, book discussion and dessert 8:30pm)
February 2: 7:30pm (Dinner 6:30pm)
March 23: 7:30pm Service (Dessert 8:30pm)
May 4: 7:30pm Service, “Under the Stars” (8:30pm book discussion and dessert)
June 15: 7:30pm Service, “Under the Stars” (Dinner 6:30pm; Volunteer Recognition 8:30pm)

Shabbat Morning:

Spirited and traditional melodies along with inspiring words of Torah form our primary Shabbat service. Saturday morning services begin at 9:30am from September-June and 9:00am July and August. Congregants interested in participating as baal korei (Torah reader) should contact our rabbis or cantor.

Youth Services:

Children in grades first through six participate in an intimate, age-appropriate service that aims to teach then lifelong “prayer skills.” Additionally, children engage in timely discussions that relate the weekly parshat to their life. Services are held every Shabbat from 10:45am to 11:45am.

Torah for Tots:

Infants through kindergarten-age children participate in a fun, interactive program that introduces them to the delights of Shabbat. Children learn Hebrew prayers and vocabulary through song, dance, play and stories. Parents are encouraged to remain with children for this special hour.

Teen Schmooze:

Designed for 7th grade through high school students, this service strives to engage teens in a participatory Shabbat morning service with their peers. Please consult our calendar for dates.

Simple & Soulful:

This 90-minute service will let your spirit soar as we journey through an abbreviated Shabbat morning service. Group prayer and singing is accompanied by instruments, silence for personal reflection and an interactive exploration and interpretation of the week’s Torah portion.

2017-18 Dates, 10:15-11:45 pm:
October 14 & 21
November 11
December 9
January 6
February 10
March 3 & 17
April 14
May 12
June 2 & 23

Shabbat Afternoon:

Conclude Shabbat in a  warm setting that includes prayer, study, schmoozing and food. Consult our calendar for service times.

Renewal Service

Enjoy and experience the power of great music, communal singing and soulful praying as Ellen Kazis-Walker, Seth Schafler and Randy Heller lead us in a music-filled hour. Special guests join in the music and reflect on their own spiritual journeys. Stay afterwards for dessert and a chance to visit with friends. Click here to access our Renewal Service guide.

2017-18 Sunday Dates, 7:00 pm:
October 15
December 3
January 21
March 25
May 6
June 8

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