WJC Endowment Campaign

WJC Endowment Campaign

From Strength to Strength: The Endowment Campaign for Westchester Jewish Center

WJC has launched an ambitious initiative, From Strength to Strength: The Endowment Campaign for Westchester Jewish Center, to raise an endowment fund of $8 to 10 million.

What is the Purpose of the New WJC Endowment?

As WJC celebrates its 100th anniversary, individuals and families continue to seek out our Center for its wide array of offerings and a strong sense of community. A robust endowment will enhance our ability to meet our congregation’s expectations and embrace the opportunities of today and beyond. Our endowment fund will generate annual investment income, enabling WJC to pursue innovation and advance programs furthering new opportunities. Supervised by our Financial Oversight Committee and Board of Trustees, it will also offer WJC and our community protection from unforeseen circumstances. For additional information, please scroll down to view the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section.

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Why Now?

The best time for an endowment campaign is when our community is strong.  Our Center is vibrant with a growing preschool, multiple davening options and engaging educational and social opportunities for children and adults alike. Our membership is excited about Rabbi Arnowitz, our new Senior Rabbi, and is savoring the opportunity to learn from both him and Rabbi Segelman in this exciting year of transition.

Together we are writing our next chapter.

How to Donate

The Westchester Jewish Center Endowment Campaign will enable our synagogue to innovate in response to new challenges and opportunities. It will also ensure that we are a vibrant spiritual home in the greater Mamaroneck region for generations to come, both for current and future members. Tax-deductible contributions can be made to WJC for the Endowment Campaign. 

​To donate by credit card, please click here. There is a convenience fee for credit card payments (3% for American Express and 2.5% for all other credit cards).

In addition to using cash, check or credit card, you have the option of making your pledge payment(s) using monthly ACH electronic transfers or appreciated securities.  (Please make checks payable to Westchester Jewish Center.) If you have any questions about how to fulfill your pledge, please contact David Goldstein, WJC Executive Director at 914-698-2960.

Donations can be mailed to: 
Westchester Jewish Center
175 Rockland Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Online Donations: https://www.wjcenter.org/about/donations/

Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who is leading the way and has already generously committed to supporting the Campaign, including our Campaign Leaders, Officers and Trustees. To learn more about the campaign or how to contribute we would be glad to hear from you; please contact Campaign Co-Chairs Larry Iason or Ian Winters, or David Goldstein (david@wjcenter.org), Executive Director of WJC. Our goal is participation and support from the entire WJC community.



Why does WJC need the Endowment Campaign?

WJC is strong today, financially and otherwise. This is an opportune moment to build an unrestricted endowment, to strengthen WJC financially so that we will continue to attract and meet the needs of current and future members. WJC has been proudly serving the Jewish community for 100 years. This new endowment will enable us to embrace challenges and opportunities so that WJC will continue to ably serve the Jewish community for generations to come.

What is an endowment?
An endowment is a permanent fund established by WJC to be used for various purposes.  Most endowments, including those at WJC, are invested in a manner that keeps the principal amount intact and generates income that can be used by the congregation.  Best practice dictates that a congregation of our size, with its broad range of programming, establish an endowment that, at a minimum, is valued at five times our annual budget.  The From Strength to Strength Campaign is designed to be our first important step toward that milestone. 

Who will provide financial oversight of the endowment and ensure accountable management and transparency?
Our endowment will be professionally managed and invested in a diverse portfolio under the supervision of a financial oversight committee.  A financial oversight committee, consisting of five WJC leaders with established financial and investment backgrounds, was formed at the initiation of the From Strength to Strength Campaign.  The financial oversight committee will provide general financial oversight to the campaign and to the operation of the WJC Endowment, reporting to and advising the WJC Officers and Trustees.

How will the money from the endowment be used?
The income from the unrestricted endowment will fund innovative programs and services, and meet expectations and priorities as they emerge, as well as support WJC.

How will WJC’s Rabbinic transition affect the Campaign and the future of the congregation?
The arrival of Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz will only strengthen the Case for the Endowment Campaign. He will add his personal vision and direction, building upon the inspiration and leadership of Rabbi Jeffrey Segelman. Establishing and funding an endowment at this critical juncture in our history will help lay the groundwork for our future, and will further underscore the presence and value of the congregation in our community. We are grateful that Rabbis Segelman and Arnowitz will be working together on the Campaign for the coming year.

What are the goals of the Campaign?
Our WJC Campaign goal is to raise $8-10 million for an unrestricted endowment that will be strong and agile to enable the congregation to be present and relevant in the lives of our community for the coming decades. The leadership of the campaign and the Officers and Trustees of WJC have committed to 100 percent participation. It is our hope that every WJC member household will follow their leadership.

How can I contribute to the Campaign?
Donors support the Campaign in many ways, especially through gifts of cash and appreciated securities.

How long do I have to pay for my pledge to the Campaign?
Campaign gifts may be paid over three years and, if needed, up to five years.

Do I have to give the same amount of money each year?
The terms of how your gift is paid are completely up to you.  You are able to schedule your payments over a three-to-five-year pledge period as you see fit and in a manner that works within your personal financial means.

Is my contribution to the Campaign tax deductible?
100 percent of every contribution to the Campaign is tax-deductible. The timing of the tax deductions can depend on how a donor’s contribution is structured. Please consult your tax professional to confirm the appropriate timing of your deduction(s).

What if I don’t feel like I have enough money to give?
Every gift is important, regardless of the amount.  We understand that our congregants have varied financial situations and that people have many pressing financial commitments. We ask every WJC household to give a gift that is meaningful to you given your own individual financial capacity.  We greatly appreciate you considering WJC and hope that you will continue to think of us as you take measure of your own financial situation over the coming years.

How do I know how much to give?
There are many financial avenues to support the WJC’s Endowment Campaign.  The members of the Campaign Leadership Team are planning to speak with every WJC member to guide them through the process. In doing, they will be able to respond to questions, with the hope of making the experience of giving meaningful and focused on building our community. Families will be asked to reflect on the role WJC plays in their lives, their children’s lives and that of the community, and their personal capacity to determine the right level of giving.

How will my gift be recognized?
WJC offers several opportunities to pay tribute to those who support the Campaign. Please consult the Campaign materials for further details.

How do I get involved?
We welcome all who would like to become involved in the Campaign. Please contact the Campaign Co-Chairs, Ian Winters (IWinters@Klestadt.com) or Larry Iason (liason@maglaw.com) for more information. 

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