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WJC’s ambitious initiative, From Strength to Strength: The Endowment Campaign for Westchester Jewish Center, is set to grow our endowment by $8 to 10 million.

Our goal: for every WJC congregant to meet in person with Campaign leaders about their participation. When you are ready to participate, please contact Campaign Co-Chairs Joel Beckman ( and Ian Winters (, to arrange a meeting and personal conversation. To learn more about WJC’s Campaign, please visit

Click here to make a donation online!

Additional Ways to Support WJC:

  • Sponsor or co-sponsor a Kiddush: To sponsor a Kiddush in honor of a special occasion, please contact Kim.
  • Yahrzeit plaques: If you wish to purchase a memorial plaque in memory of a loved one, please contact Kim.
  • Sisterhood Tree of Life: If you wish to purchase a leaf for our Tree of Life, please contact Marisa De Sa,
  • Sisterhood Prayer Book Fund: Please contact Cheryl Natbony
  • Securities: If you wish to gift securities, please contact David Goldstein.
  • Donate a Book: A small donation can dedicate a book for the Hendel Family Library. Contact WJC Librarian Arlene Ratzabi:
  • WJC particularly appreciates donations made by check, dropped off or mailed to 175 Rockland Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
  • Donations by credit card may be made by phone (914-698-2960) during main office hours.
  • Email Kim or Beth with requests or questions about donations.

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