Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Judaica Gallery

Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Judaica Gallery

Curator – Amy Levine Kennedy
WJC is proud to have the Rabbi Irving and Marly Koslowe Gallery of Jewish Art in our main lobby. This award-winning exhibition space is home to revolving exhibitions that reflect the Jewish world in microcosm.

Through fine art, mixed media, sculpture, and photography, our thematic shows are culled from contemporary artists, historical content, traveling exhibitions from other Jewish museums, and original curatorial work. The Gallery, in conjunction with other committees, brings in artists, historians, and performers for associated lectures and presentations, both in-person and virtually.

Spring 2022 Exhibition: “Mayim Chaiyim: A Watershed”

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Our waters hold an important place in the teachings of Judaism. Many artists have been responding to climate change with a mix of works that reflect their awareness of the Jewish ideals of Tikkun Olam and renewal. In multimedia, the artists explore their concerns for the waters, riverbeds, and coastlines of an increasingly fragile Earth.

Fall 2021 Exhibition: “Karen Kassap: Medieval Modern”

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Kassap sees omens everywhere, in the day-to-day work of women as wives, mothers, professionals, and community members, and in the trembling maxim of modern life on Earth. Through the use of metaphors and symbolism, Kassap uses mixed media collage techniques to create vibrant and evoking works. She has won numerous recognitions, including finalist for the Spring 2021 Hopper Prize and Best Story prize for her Black Wedding series at the Milford Arts Council Show, “Story of Women,” last year. Kassap has participated in solo and group exhibitions, both in person and virtually throughout the area. Both an artist and attorney by training, Kassap sees the truth in human struggle and interaction, and in the modes of healing, compromise, and independence that course through all of us. She is trained in collage through mentorship and in black and white photography and printing from the International Center for Photography. She lives in New Haven, CT.

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