Holocaust Learning Center

Holocaust Learning Center

The Holocaust Learning Center (HLC) is a true living memorial and educational tool that extends and enhances the existing physical memorial on WJC grounds.  This source of deep learning not only details facts about the Shoah but shows how the Holocaust affected WJC families. A major contribution to this learning center was made by the family of Rabbi Dr. Samuel Schafler, who generously donated much of Rabbi Schafler’s library.

Click here to search the Hendel Family Library catalogue for books and other media in the Holocaust Learning Center’s collection.

The Holocaust Learning Center is a source of pride for WJC members, an educational resource for all ages and a place from which the entire community can appreciate and gain Jewish value and spirit. In order to acknowledge and honor the WJC families who were impacted by the Holocaust or Shoah (whatever you like), the HLC has collected personal histories and narratives that enable the dark statistics of the Holocaust to be taught, remembered and transmitted to future generations.

The HLC periodically hosts various programs concerning the Holocaust, including talks and films, to ensure that the Holocaust will never be forgotten.

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