Our Mission

Westchester Jewish Center is a Conservative, traditional egalitarian synagogue in Mamaroneck, New York.

Westchester Jewish Center is a welcoming community committed to the learning, practice, and celebration of Conservative Jewish life and values.

Center of Community

We foster a sense of belonging and warmly welcome all Jews seeking to share and enrich our spiritual, religious and cultural experiences. Singles, families, members from an interfaith background and Jews of any sexual orientation are invited to join us. Come participate in our vibrant community and find the communal support and social and professional opportunities to learn and grow together with us.

Center of Learning for All Ages

We encourage our members to gain an appreciation for how to live life fully as modern Jews by exploring all aspects of our traditions, history and religious practices. Educational programming for all ages and knowledge levels – through formal instruction, study groups, seminars and more – is available. Our unwavering commitment to sustain a vibrant future for a Jewish culture is reflected in the breadth of our programs for youngsters from nursery age through high school.

Center of Personal Spirituality

We have a free and open setting designed to encourage all members to explore their Jewish spirituality and personal relationship with God. Choose to interact with our clergy on an individual level or in group settings; there are numerous opportunities to follow whatever path that allows each of us to discover personal meaning in life as a Jew.

Center of Culture

We invite members to experience, participate in, and celebrate the richness of our heritage and rejoice in its relevance today. Join in activities that revolve around every aspect of our lives as modern Jews, as we come together to participate in daily rituals and also mark special occasions. Together we can explore and gain appreciation for the legacy of our Jewish identity, including our connections to the State of Israel and the broader community of Jews worldwide.

Center of Prayer & Celebration

We come together for the worship of God, study of Torah and discussions that connect us to the religious spirit and practice of Judaism. Rejoice in sharing personal, family, and community festivals and celebrations with us, and also find emotional comfort and renewal when there is need. A variety of services and formats, with participatory and engaging settings, are available to accommodate all ages and knowledge levels.

Center of Caring for the World

We actively participate in Tikkun Olam – embodied in our individual and communal responsibility to serve, support, and improve the lives of others and the world around us. In fulfilling this spirit of “Healing the World,” we advocate hands-on, personal involvement in social action with programming and projects that engage members of all ages. Our focus extends from our local WJC community to the farthest corners of our country and the entire world.

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