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Rabbi Adir’s High Holiday Family Togetherness Challenge

“In multitudes there is glorification of God”
—Proverbs 14

One of the messages of the High Holy Days is that our High Holy Day experience is amplified when we gather together as a community. As attested to above, when we come united as one, there is a chance for much greater meaning in our action and words.

With that in mind, I challenge you to the following project that we are basing around the theme of “Remember Me” from Coco for Family Service participants.

By Sunday at noon, please send us a photograph that allows you to remember a feeling of togetherness/community. It can be a famous photo or one you took yourself. It can be from the world stage, the national stage, or no stage at all – just a quick snapshot from your iPhone. And please write a caption (150 words or less) bringing us into the moment:
What do you see in this photo? Why does it touch you? How did it affect you?

These photos will be placed around us during our singing and praying on the High Holidays. In that way, not only will we literally be surrounded by our community but also memories of being in the community from the past.  If you need a break from prayer or need to find some inspiration, all you have to do is loop around the room and take in all of the good fortunes in our lives.

A few quick tips:

  • We want to really see the beauty of your photo, so the higher quality, the better.
  • When possible, credit the photographer or the website where you got the photo. (Spread the love.)
  • Let us know if you want your submission to be anonymous.

Email your submissions to

Rabbi Adir

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