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Shabbat at WJC ~ May 25th + 26th

Shabbat Nasso

A bit of a recap of how the census took place, we see the final count of the Israelites. We delve into the ritual of the Sotah, how to become a Nazirite, and laws regarding contact with impurity and death. The famed Priestly Blessing is included in this portion as well.


7:57pm: Candlelighting

7:15pm: Kabbalat Shabbat Service
with Rabbi Segelman, Rabbi Yolkut and Cantor Goldberg


Please Note: No Torah study this morning

9:30am-12:00pm: Shabbat Services
Rabbi Yolkut will deliver the sermon
Topic: “Those Who Carried The Weight”
Bat Mitzvah of Sophie Brause
Auf Ruf of Sam Berger and Liza Cohen
Kiddush sponsored by the Brause family with a sweet assist from the Berger family

8:00pm: Mincha
Rabbi Segelman will say a brief shiur
Topic: “May God Bless and Keep the Czar…..and other twists in the Priestly Blessing”


Torah for Tots (Early Childhood-Kindergarten) – Youth Lounge at 10:45am
Children and parents are invited to join us Shabbat morning for an engaging and educational family experience. Together we will sing songs, dance with the Torah and learn about the meaning of Shabbat. We will read “Sammy Spider’s First Bar Mitzvah” and celebrate with Sammy Spider a very special Shabbat for Sammy and the Shapiro family.

Youth Services (Grades 1-6) – Library at 10:45am
This Shabbat’s Parsha, Naso, continues to detail the responsibilities of the priests, discusses the nazir and speaks of the necessity of honesty in relationships and when finding a lost object. In Youth Services, after our brief davening, we will discuss these themes and play a couple of games that stress trust and truthfulness.

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