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Westchester Jewish Center Presents Journalist Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Westchester Jewish Center’s World Jewry Committee in conjunction with Rabbi Arnowitz, welcomed the prolific journalist Sarah Tuttle-Singer for a live zoom conversation, direct from Israel!

Watch the video below to hear Sarah walk us through her love affair with Israel, how it began, and how it shapes her life—even during tough, painful times, like the last few months during the Coronavirus crisis. She talks about her conflicting feelings about having American family members, including her father and step-mother, still in quarantine in L.A. while Israel is beginning to let everyone re-enter society and the overall quarantine’s ramifications on Israeli society.

About Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Tuttle-Singer lives in Israel with her two children and cat, in a village next to rolling fields. Sarah is the New Media Editor at Times of Israel—the fastest-growing news site on Israel. Author of “Jerusalem, Drawn and Quartered” published in 2018, she writes about her life for a variety of places including Times of Israel, Kveller,, and Jezebel.

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