WJC High Holidays 5783 Services & Events

Each year we hope that the High Holidays will provide us with the spiritual and communal uplift to energize our year ahead. This year we are paying particular attention to how we can “Replenish Our Souls.” In Judaism, we replenish our souls by celebrating and gathering, singing and praying, learning and feeling connected to each other and to something greater than ourselves. We replenish our souls by linking to the generations that came before us and creating the bridge to the ones that will come after us.

There are many ways to achieve this and all of them require mindful, conscious effort on our part. Recognizing the blessings around us, sharing blessings, prayer, meditation, learning, connecting with friends and relatives, sharing beautiful sacred moments – these are all ways to replenish our souls. The programs, services and classes listed below are designed to help bring the uplift we look for in these High Holidays. With focus, intention and effort, together we will be able to start the Jewish year 5783 with the energy we need to bring blessing into our lives, into our community and into the world.

To see additional details about any of our High Holiday programming and events, please view the detailed event post under Featured Events.

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