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High Holidays 2016 Information

High HolidaysL'Shana Tova! We wish all a joyous New Year and look forward to joining together for worship services.


We have planned a rich and varied program of worship and study, with engaging activities for our children as well.

One important change is that last year’s sections 3, 4a and 4b are now combined into a single “Open Seating” section, and seating is now included in WJC Dues for adult members and their student children.

Last year’s Sections 1 and 2 have been combined into one “Reserved Seating” section and along with the Study Service, which continues to also be reserved, require a common supplemental charge.  If you want to continue in, or move into those sections, or go into open seating at no additional charge, please contact us at (914) 698-2960. 

For complete seating details and cost, go here for brochure.

The following is a brief summary of the High Holiday services WJC will be offering this year. 

High Holidays Services

Main Sanctuary Services will be led by our outstanding clergy team of Rabbi Segelman, Cantor Goldberg and our new assistant Rabbi, Adir Yolkut. Our clergy intend to build on last year's success with engaging melodies, opportunities for learning and congregant participation. Rabbi Segelman also hopes that there will be some talk-to-your-neighbor­ schmooze time again this year (but no guarantees). This will be Rabbi Yolkut’s first High Holiday services at WJC and we are excited to have him bring his enthusiasm to both the Main Sanctuary and Study Services. Our friend Lee Epstein will be returning to WJC for High Holidays again in 2016 to co-lead the Family Services and to lead the Teen Kol Nidre Experience (described below). When the Family Services are not in session, Lee will be in the Main Sanctuary assisting the clergy and enhancing the experience of the services.

Study Services will continue to be led by congregant Seth Schafler, with support from a number of WJC's other talented lay leaders. This highly regarded service will continue to feature significant congregant participation, musical harmonies and choral pieces. The focus of this year’s services will be “Becoming Our Better Selves,” both as individuals and as a community. The Study Services are conducted in the activity center and have limited seating for a more intimate feel.

Family Services will once again be offered by WJC. These services will be offered all three days of the High Holidays this year; on the first and second days of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur morning. The Family Services are intended to provide families with elementary school-aged children (and those who will soon be entering) the opportunity to daven/pray together in a more relaxed, family-oriented setting. This year’s theme is Finding Torah, based on the hit summer film Finding Dory. We are thrilled that Rabbi Yolkut and Lee Epstein will lead our Family Services with the creativity, participation and energy that made last year's Family Services so successful.

New this year! Before the Water: A pre-Tashlich Experience - Monday, October 3rd, 4pm in the Activity Center WJC is proud of our array of contemporary services we offer throughout the year, including Rhythm and Ruach, the Renewal Service, and Simple and Soulful (formerly known as the Contemporary Service). We are pleased to offer a new contemporary service accompanied by musical instruments this Rosh Hashanah. We'll gather before Tashlich on the first day of Rosh Hashanah to explore the themes of the High Holidays and help us prepare for and find more meaning in the ritual casting away of our sins. We will end by walking together to Harbor Island Park for Tashlich.

Torah for Tots special program will continue to be offered for our pre-school aged children and their parents on Rosh Hashanah afternoon October 3th, 4:15pm.

Children Services and Teen Services are designed to be commensurate with age and they will be offered on October 3rd, 4th and 12th. These services are scheduled to begin after the Family Services conclude. The Teen Services will include a special Kol Nidre Experience, led by Lee Epstein, on Tuesday, October 11th at 6:45pm.

As is our custom, there will be open seating in the Main Sanctuary and Study Service during the first part of the service (from 9am until the Torah service) and after 12:30pm on both days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as well as during Neilah at the end of Yom Kippur.

Service times, general information and educational links are listed below.

High Holidays Service Times:

  • Click here for High Holidays service times schedule.

High Holidays Seats and Program Sign-up: 

Your High Holidays seating information, services and program sign-up information have been sent by mail.  We encourage you to please return your forms by August 24th.  Please contact us if you have not received your packet, are interested in attending High Holidays services at WJC or have any questions.  Contact the office at (914) 698-2960 or email Naomi at [email protected].  You may also access printable forms by clicking on the below links:

  • Special Donations (High Holiday Greetings, Yizkor Memorial Booklet, Heart to Heart Fund, Children's Programs)

High Holidays General Information:     

  • Click here for a review of the policies and procedures that will help make the High Holidays a meaningful, warm and inclusive experience for us all.

High Holidays Educational Links:

  • Click here for High Holiday readings, selected by Rabbi Segelman
  • Click here to read A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Rosh Hashanah at WJC.
  • Click here to read A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Yom Kippur at WJC.