Author Talk: Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

May 3, 2024, 8:00 pm

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How do you hold on to faith in a modern world? The realities of the modern world challenge believers of all faiths. Rabbi Michael Strassfeld digs deep into the Jewish tradition to help us get to the root of the matter: to create connection — to our past, to our present, to each other. To connect with the unity underlying the universe that draws us all together.

Judaism is at a point of seismic change – and it’s not the first time. The second fall of the Temple initiated a radical change in the landscape of Judaism, from priestly offerings at the temple to rabbi-led prayer in the synagogue. This more recent seismic shift has been in motion for centuries, beginning in the Enlightenment. The complications of modern life have put us in a world of rapid, near-constant change. Judaism needs to respond with new radical change to stay relevant.

Judaism Disrupted is about the future of Judaism – starting now. Do the time-honored traditions of rabbinic Judaism meet our spiritual needs? Do we feel spiritually sated after a Shabbat service? Is there another way to be a Jew? It’s time for a new Judaism.

Strassfeld outlines a path that leads to a new Judaism – a new framework with practices that you can start putting into use right away to live a life of meaning. Judaism Disrupted is Judaism revitalized.

This event follows Rhythm & Ruach.

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