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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

March 3, 2024, 10:15 am

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WJC is delighted to continue its popular “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know” Adult Education series. Engage in our insightful sessions on selected Sundays at 10:15 am in the Hendel Library after Religious School drop-off. All are welcome to kick start Sundays with stimulating conversations and invigorating coffee.

Decoding the Matriarchs

March 3 – Sarah: Beyond Wife and Mother

While often identified in relation to her husband and son, there is a rich depth to Sarah’s individual character that invites exploration. Join us in uncovering the layers of Sarah’s identity beyond the familial context.

MARCH 10 – Rebecca: A Journey into Resilient Faith and Strategic Wisdom 

Rebecca is known as the wife of Issac and mother of Jacob and Esau. Her story highlights her as a woman of faith, wisdom, and agency. Join us as we explore how her decisive actions and tactical thinking helped  shape the destiny of the Abrahamic lineage.


MARCH 17- Sisters of Genesis: Navigating Love, Rivalry, and Legacy with Rachel and Leah

Rachel and Leah had a complex sisterly relationship. Despite the challenges and rivalry, both women played crucial roles in the formation of the twelve tribes of Israel. Delve into the nuanced stories of these sisters, as we explore profound themes of love and competition that have resonated through the ages.


An Introduction to the Landscape of Judaism Today

April 14 – Deciphering the Distinctive Sects of Modern Judaism

From Orthodox to Conservative, Reform to Reconstructionist, each sect encompasses its own set of beliefs, practices, and interpretations of Jewish tradition. Our exploration will illuminate the varied perspectives, enriching our understanding of modern Judaism.

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