Jewish-Themed Mindfulness Circle in the Woods

November 28, 2022, 10:00 am

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Glenna Lee is establishing a Jewish-themed Mindfulness group at Sheldrake for anyone interested in an ongoing experience that promises to be full of soulful uplift, introspective exploration, and communal strength, all within the framework of our ancient Jewish wisdom. A unique and nourishing experience, indeed.

This practice will be offered freely to all Sisterhood members. Anyone can be a Sister! Simply Register for sisterhood if this class speaks to you! kindly mail a check to WJC attn: Sisterhood with check made payable to WJC Sisterhood for $36. Or Zelle $36 to

Why in the woods?
The practice of Shinrin Yoku, forest bathing, was designed to counter the effects of urban stress. Scientific research has demonstrated numerous physical and mental health benefits to spending regular time in the woods. Some such benefits are:

*Boosted immunity*Reduced stress*Reduced inflammation*Improved mood*Improved mental health (reduced anxiety and depression, improved self-esteem)*Lowered blood pressure and heart rate*Improved sleep*Deactivated sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight)*Activated parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) *Regulated blood sugar*Improved concentration and short-term memory*Increased creativity*Fostered understanding of interdependence* Increased feeling of social connection and empathy*Improved spiritual well-being*

If you are curious to try our first five-part session, please let me know.

The sessions will be from 10:00-11:15am on Mondays.

Nov. 21
Nov. 28
Dec. 5
Dec. 12

* For those who can only participate on weekends, we will be offering weekend opportunities throughout the year.

Please meet behind the White House at 685 Weaver St, Larchmont each session at 9:55am, so we can begin at 10:00am.

Always dress warmly with layers. Wear sneakers or hiking boots.

Glenna will be in touch by e-mail beforehand if there is weather that would make it unsafe to be in the woods. (Light rain is safe and offers an opportunity of a rich experience of resiliency)

Glenna Lee is a certified meditation guide, yogini, and Jewish educator for twenty years. In an effort to etch away at repairing the world, Tikun Olam, she currently is studying to become certified as a naturalist and nature educator because, as Senegalese conservationist Baba Dioum so poignantly teaches, “In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” She hopes to elevate our spirituality, connecting us with our earth, each other and within ourselves, while honoring our sacred Jewish traditions. As the Rabbinic Sage Ben Bag Bag shared, Turn it, and turn it, for everything is in it. She looks forward to our turning inwards and forwards as we strive to make deeper meaning for ourselves as we journey to repair our world. Glenna Lee holds a BA from Haverford College and an MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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