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The Sugar Experiment

October 12, 2023, 7:00 pm

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Your new Favorite New Year’s Resolution is coming to you FREE with love from Sisterhood + Brotherhood! Join us for a month of good health and life changing habits as we partake in Jen Dorf Wellness’s Sugar Experiment! For one month, Jen Dorf guides us into healthier eating habits that promote weight loss, lowered cholesterol, greater energy, better mood, enhanced sleep, healing aches, slowing down the aging process + more!

This program is free to all Sisterhood and Brotherhood members, so join the ‘hoods and register by October 5 by emailing

For this month long experience, you will receive daily emails, explanations, recipes, motivation. There will be an optional Zoom program on October 12, 7:00-800pm to kick off the event and an optional in person event at WJC on October 26 at 7:45pm. The one month challenge begins on October 16 and ends on November 14, welcoming you into a new year and happier self.

“Hidden sugar lurks everywhere, even in salmon, yogurt, and condiments! Reading labels and reducing added sugar may be the most significant shift you can make to enhance your health!”

Hello WJC Sister and Brotherhood-

Are you interested in reclaiming your health and taking steps to renew yourself from the inside out this fall? If so, please join us on an exciting journey. I created The Sugar Experiment 31 (in collaboration with educator Jean Marie Stein) in response to one of the most insidious issues I have witnessed in my 15-year career as a wellness practitioner: the adverse effects of hidden sugar in the food supply.

If you yearn to feel your best, our straightforward, 31-day reset can help you conquer sugar cravings and embrace a balanced, vibrant lifestyle.

Recent participants report many of the following results:

Enhanced Energy
Fewer Digestive Issues
Improved Focus
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
More Positive Mood
Improved Skin
Less Achy Joints
Weight Loss
Less Emotional Eating

And, of course, the long-term health benefits can’t be understated. For example, studies show that limiting sugar and consuming a diet high in nutrient-dense foods can lower your risk of heart disease by 31% and diabetes by 33%. In addition, lifestyle changes can reverse pre-diabetes, and transformations happen quickly.

TSE31 is not a diet— instead, a sustainable way of eating that becomes part of your lifestyle. There is no required cooking, measuring, restricting, or purchasing. And it only requires about 15 minutes a day of your attention.

October 16th – November 14th
10/12 Zoom kick-off from 7:45-8:30pm
10/26 In-Person Check In at WJC 7:45-8:45pm

Explore more details at This Radiant Life 31

With love & light,

Jen and Jean Marie

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