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100 Blessings a Day for 100 Days: Submit Your Blessings

Dear WJC Family,

As we have been discussing, blessings play an important role in our Jewish lives. In the space provided, please share a blessing you’ve recited or experienced today. It could be a formal Jewish blessing, for example the HaMotzi over bread, a moment when you gave thanks in your own way for something you experienced or witnessed, or a time you reflected God’s blessing in the world for someone else, like an act of tzedakah or care or kindness. Sharing your picture or a picture of the blessing (like a beautiful rainbow you witnessed) is optional.

Please note that your blessings may appear on our website, social media or printed publications. If you prefer the blessing be anonymous, place “anonymous” in the “Name” field below.

We hope you will submit a blessing everyday of the 100 Blessing Campaign, and we encourage you to submit a different blessing each day.

To view the submitted blessings, click here.

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