2020 WJC Spring Virtual Gala FAQ

What is a Virtual Gala?

The WJC Virtual Spring Gala was created to continue our 70-year tradition of hosting a gala and honoring esteemed members of our community. It is the most significant, and critical, yearly fundraising effort for our Center. Because we cannot be together in person this year, the Virtual Gala was created to allow our community to sing, laugh, and make memories together online. This special event website features video conferencing (similar to our Zoom calls), chats, quizzes, and more, allowing us to “virtually” interact and honor Rabbi Jeffrey and Marla Segelman on May 17 at 4:00pm. 


I purchased an ad in the Tribute Journal, so can I log in and watch?

Purchasing a Journal ad and registering for your Gala “seat,” are two separate actions.  To reserve your “seat,” click here: https://www.wjcenter.org/gala/


How do I know if I’ve registered?

If you’ve registered prior to May 10, WJC will have emailed you a password during the week of May 11 with a password.  For those registering after May 11, note that it takes 24-48 hours to send you the password. 

Please search for the subject line “WJC Gala” and check your spam box! If you still have not received your password, please register again by filling out your information at wjcenter.org/gala. An email will be sent to you directly with access. Please check your spam if you do not receive it after a few minutes.


Do I need to download any special software/plugins/apps to view the Gala?

YES! As with Zoom, which people have become familiar with, attendees will need to make sure their browser supports Adobe Connect. To download the App or Plugin you need to view the event, enter our Gala Hub, and click the link that asks you to test your connection. 

For a mobile device, you will be prompted to download an app for Adobe Connect. For browser viewing, you will be instructed to download a plugin. 

Please test your connection prior to May 17. If you see the graphic below, you have successfully entered the Gala hub.


Where can I find additional tech assistance? 

Prior to the event, reach out to Edmaker, our streaming partner, at wjcenter@edmaker.co. They will help with any troubleshooting issues with our live stream software. Please note: Edmaker cannot answer questions about the Silent Auction or the Tribute Journal. 


How long will the live stream program last?

The program on May 17 at 4:00pm will last roughly 45 minutes.


How can I participate during the actual event?

We will live stream our Virtual Spring Gala, which includes live participation. Unlike Zoom, you will not be able to see everyone watching. Rather, we ask you to participate with a live chat—please say hello while watching. We will also have quizzes and polls you can answer.  


What is the Gala Experience website? 

This website accompanies the live gala and serves as our event hub. On the website, you will find background information on our honorees (and WJC) as well as our Tribute Journal and Silent Auction. We also have some fun interactive tools. This is all available to enjoy and explore prior to May 17. Some things to note:

  • The “Mazal Tovs” section allows visitors to record a message (Google Chrome browser preferred) to Rabbi and Marla. Note that all messages are public to attendees.
  • The “Virtual Receiving Line” section allows individuals/families to upload videos and photos of themselves attending our event. Wear your favorite suit or ballgown… or your favorite pajama pants. Anything goes! We just want to see your face(s) on this special day. Note that all videos/photos are public to attendees.


Why do I need to register for the Silent Auction if I already registered for the live stream?

Our Silent Auction, which can be accessed via our Gala website, is operated by ClickBid, a third-party company in operation since 2002. They need you to register with your email and password so you can view the auction items. For those looking to bid, you can pay by credit card or check. Details are available on the Silent Auction website.   


What are the Day-of Treats?

In celebration of our event, WJC will distribute a limited number of family-friendly treats, prepared by our very own Patti (love her Kiddushim) and Jennifer Winters. If you feel comfortable, drop by WJC on Sunday, May 17 from 12:00 to 3:00pm for pick up. Items will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis outside our doors. We will practice social distancing. We apologize in advance—we cannot make deliveries.  


What happens after the event?

Our Gala website will be live until the end of May.  Attendees can return, participate in our interactive elements, and re-watch the live stream. After May, this site will close. At that time, WJC will post the live stream on our own website and social media platforms. 

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