There is so much more to synagogues than just the High Holidays and Shabbat services. We have many hidden gems in plain sight, which I hope you take advantage of. Our Art Gallery is one. Our Library, which I highlighted last month, and its various programs are another. This month, I want to focus on our wonderful Adult Education Program. From January 25-27, we will have our marquee Scholar-in-Residence Weekend—a highlight of the Adult Education programming calendar. This year, we are fortunate to have a very prominent figure in the Conservative movement and someone familiar to most of us—Rabbi Gordon Tucker, retired Senior Rabbi of Temple Israel Center of White Plains. Rabbi Tucker taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary for 20 years prior to that. It should be an unforgettable series of lectures and teachings. Please try to come to at least some of the many opportunities to learn with Rabbi Tucker. I want to specifically thank Myra Glajchen and Karen Everett for arranging this exciting weekend of scholarship and reflection.

However, our learning doesn’t stop at one program. We have educational events throughout the year. Our learning can be through Library events, Israeli movies, Brotherhood schmoozes on some topical event infused with Jewish themes, and Sisterhood speakers and events as well. Holocaust Learning Center programs range from the recent event with Lore Strauss to the analysis of movies depicting the Holocaust with our own Joram Warmund. And we have opportunities to learn with our rabbis at different levels of scholarship and Torah. For parents—who hasn’t learned from their children as they experience some new aspect of Jewish history, culture, tradition, and observance for the first time?

Our Center provides many opportunities, ways and venues to reflect, to learn, and to seek deeper knowledge. We can create further expressions of these reflections and avenues of learning if we want. All it takes is a few volunteers with an idea.

There are a few other activities that I couldn’t let go unrecognized. We had our annual Hanukkah Celebration and a Hanukkah Renewal Service. Our building was bustling yet again with children of all ages with big smiles on their faces. And we celebrated a very special Rhythm & Ruach followed by a riveting discussion with author Tal Keinan.

Save the date! On May 5, we will be honoring Carol and Steven Fasman and Rabbi Adir Yolkut and Lauren Binder. I can’t think of better honorees for this year’s Gala. I look forward to celebrating with them and with you.

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