An Uplifiting Sisterhood


Dozens of Sisters danced together at our Sisterhood Kick Off event where Shmulik Gov Ari guided us through joyful Israeli Dances. Each Sister also received a gift from the Sisterhood—an Esther Chayil (woman of valor) jar or vase, which we decorated and made our own.

Over the coming year, we shall each treat our Eshet Chayil jar as an emotional tzedakah box— for each good day or proud moment, we place some money in our jar. For each hard moment or sadness, we also put some money in our jar to lift us up! At the end of the year, we will collect our money from our jars and, as a community, donate our tzedakah in the name of Sisterhood to uplift someone else.

Are you a Sister and need a jar/vase?
You’re welcome to use any item from your home or contact us at and we will gladly supply one.

Interested in becoming a sister?
We are delighted to have you join our warm community!  Email us at $36 membership fee.  Men, you too can be a Sister.

To view upcoming events with the Sisterhood, please check the Featured Events page of the calendar!

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