Beautifying Our Own Little “Island”


Thanks to a generous gift by anonymous donors, the island in front of the main sanctuary entrance has been re-planted. The existing plants were removed because they are old and out of scale. Many of them were re-planted on WJC property in more appropriate locations for their size and growth habits.

The new planting includes mugo pines and pachysandra, which will take two to three years to fill in and mature, so please be patient with us! The new design is intended to be low maintenance, evergreen, and serene.

The existing tree in the island will now be fully visible in all its glory. In the spring there will be a burst of color from 600 daffodils which are being planted under the pachysandra.

Lastly, the island was renovated to provide greater security and visibility to the entrance to the Center. The old planting created blocked views for security and potential hiding places.

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