Blogging from Israel 2022 ~ A Few of Our Favorite Things

A few of our favorite things on the trip so far (through Wednesday 12/28) as collected from the group:

  • Masada – it was just cool. I like getting to see the palace, and all the cool stuff that it had to offer.
  • Rappelling – it was something new and fun.
  • Everything. Okay, I’ll pick my top 3. It was super interesting to hear from the artist in Tzfat – to hear his whole story and journey. This was most meaningful. The rapelling – that was the most fun. And climbing Masada with Ann.
  • It’s definitely the food – street food, hotel food. It’s all good.
  • I liked the rappelling and the story about soldiers saved from the bunker in the Yom Kippur war.
  • Walking around Jerusalem and seeing all the cool things.
  • Rappelling and talking to the soldier about the bunker story.
  • Meeting with the soldier, Yaakov. I found him and his stories captivating and being on the border with Syria was fascinating.
  • The city of David. Rapelling was pretty cool too.
  • I really enjoyed going to the military place. Hearing the story was very interesting and impactful.
  • I liked Masada. It was real stuff from that time period, it wasn’t mixed with modern stuff. It was just from then.
  • Everything.
  • The western wall tunnels. I liked being in the Golan, I liked the feeling – being in nature.
  • Rappelling!
  • The 8th night of Chanukah singing in Nachlaot.
  • Food, stories, rappelling, I mean all of it. I can’t pick just a few things.
  • Seeing Jerusalem from a different perspective.
  • A lot of stuff. I liked rappelling.
  • Climbing Masada, connecting with all the people who were strangers and aren’t anymore. And the pita – yum!
  • The whole trip is unbelievable, but visiting the church of the holy sepulcher and mass on Christmas Eve was incredible. And the light show at the city of David was great. And discovering tahini!
  • I liked the artists in Tzfat. I liked talking to the artists, the vibe, they were really welcoming and the combination of super religious and artsy.
  • The views of the Dead Sea and the rappelling – all the energy and excitement.
  • Yaakov because he was so young and yet so connected to the 1973 War story. Avraham because of how he connected he is to Kabbalah and how he brings it to the world. And Geoff Winston for his overwhelming knowledge of everything. You can’t stump the man!

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