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Congregational Elections

Dear Congregants,

We are pleased to submit the following slate in advance of the congregational elections on April 27, 2020:

Proposed Officers 2020-2021

President: Seth Schafler
Executive Vice President: Larry Thaler
Financial Vice President: Yale Zoland
Treasurer: Michael Lapides
Assistant Treasurer: Robin Nazarzadeh
Financial Secretary: Jeffrey Taffet
Assistant Financial Secretary: Susan Miller
Officer for Administration: Harold Treiber
Officer for Adult Programming and Member Relations: Laura Grill
Officer for Children and Families: Nancy Sherman
Officer for Communications: Evan Schapiro
Officer for Development: Ian Winters
Officer for Spiritual Life: Larry Thaler
Officer for the Synagogue Arms: Mark Berger
Officer for Tikun Olam: Eve Edelman Russ
Recording Secretary: Amy Levine-Kennedy
Assistant Recording Secretary: Alynn Perl
Chair of the Board: Randy Heller

Proposed Trustees for New Term of Three Years 2020-2023

Rachel Aronow
Bill Natbony
Stewart Ault
Jill Rivel
Alisa Cohen Barney
Steve Taubenfeld
Marisa de Sa


Proposed Trustees for Renewed Term of Three Years 2020-2023

Elise Dowell
Howard Husock
Laura Grill
Michael Lapides

Proposed Trustees for Renewed Term to Expire 2021

Mark Berger
Jeffrey Taffet
Amy Levine-Kennedy
Larry Thaler
Susan Miller
Harold Treiber
Seth Schafler
Yale Zoland
Nancy Sherman

At this time we would like to nominate Louise and Bobby Cohen, and Swain Weiner for the position of Honorary Trustees. We are grateful for their long and continued service to Westchester Jewish Center, and are pleased that they will continue to serve our synagogue as Honorary Trustees.

We would like to thank Louise Cohen, Jacqui Kaplan, Andrea Lightman, Robin Nichinsky, and Robert Sassoon for their dedicated service to the congregation through their two full terms as trustees. In accordance with our bylaws, they are ineligible to stand for an additional term.

We would also like to thank Betsy Goldman and Craig Rubin, who have served as trustees of our synagogue and have elected not to continue in this role for the upcoming year. 

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Weisstuch, Chair
Amy Fastenberg
Joan Forchheimer
Jacqui Kaplan
Barry Lewen
David Smith

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