Cooking for Hope: A Message from SOJAC

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Once again we delivered wonderful meals to Hope this week and although many people were away, we still gave them enough lasagnas, veggies, and desserts to feed the 80-100 people that eat at Hope each night. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped cook for Hope Soup Kitchen this month and throughout the year.  We have become a part of their regular calendar and they count on our meal once a month.  As you can see from the letter below, our contributions are very much appreciated.

As stated, they used to close the Soup Kitchen in August but now keep it open since the need is so great. I’m sure we all would like to continue helping as much as possible. Since many of us will be away (myself included),  I am suggesting that we make a monetary donation this month instead of cooking.  There is a kitchen staff at Hope and they can use the funds to buy the ingredients for a meal while we are not available.

If you would like to participate for August, please write a check made out to Westchester Jewish Center with a note in the memo for Hope August Meal and send it to WJC  Attn: Sojac Committee. The suggested amount is $18-$25 but any amount would be appreciated. The checks must be received by August 18 so we know the total collected to send to Hope for our scheduled meal.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Please let me know if you have any questions.  As always, our Neighbors in Need are so appreciative of our efforts.

Best regards,

July 26, 2021

Dear Sondra and your committee of chefs,

Once again, as always we express our gratitude to you all for everything you have done for HOPE during this challenging year.  You are the reason HOPE continues to be able to feed so many less fortunate people in our community.   Our nightly ‘take-out’ diners at HOPE are enjoying and appreciating your delicious offerings.  As we all realize, hunger remains an ever-growing presence in our world today.

We appreciate your ongoing generosity and support as we have expanded our hours and additional populations as HOPE has undertaken to assist with hot meals as well as provisions of dry goods, produce, and when available, baked products and in addition bagged lunches.  In the past, the pantry had been closed during August, but not so this year or last, to support the needs of our New Rochelle community.  The 2000 – 3000 bags will still be provided to individuals and families who count on us all.  As in the past, we ask, if possible, that you help us by providing a cold meal or a hot meal or a monetary donation so that our August dinners will remain plentiful for all in need.

Please stay safe and well and enjoy the warm summer months.

I am attaching the Thursday Kitchen Volunteers calendar as well as the list of dates and suggested menus.  If I have made any errors or omissions, please excuse me and let me know and I will correct whatever is necessary.  Also, if you have trouble printing these sheets and need to receive a “hard copy” of these materials, please let me know. 

All the very best,

With gratitude,


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