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David’s Israel Solidarity Mission of NAASE

Dear WJC Family,

I write this to you 35,000 feet in the air, returning from the Israel Solidarity Mission of NAASE (North American Association of Synagogue Executives), my fellow Conservative movement Executive Directors.

It is difficult to put into words what our group experienced over 6 days. We heard heartbreaking stories of what happened on October 7. We bore witness at the site of the Nova music festival and at Kibbutz Kfar Aza, and saw for ourselves the utterly horrific carnage that Hamas did. We joined hands with Israelis of all kinds at Hostage Square, and we joined soldiers in the middle of the Negev for a barbecue and heard their determination to complete the mission they were given.

We also learned about all of the amazing ways in which the Masorti Movement has contributed to the recovery of Israeli society .

For me, it is about the images that I have of the week, some of which I have shared here:

The set table in the middle of Hostage Square
The unbelievably beautiful and haunting portrayals of those killed at the Nova site
The clock ticking off each second of captivity for the hostages
The man who stood motionless for many minutes before the grave of his- friend? Brother? Sister? Other? – in the newest section of Mount Herzl.
The soldiers proudly displaying the many cards made for them by the Religious School

I return to the United States more clear about the rightness of Israel’s cause, and more determined and motivated to do what I can to be there for our Israeli family.

I would be happy to share more with anyone who is interested. Simply email

David Goldstein

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