Discussion on Al Schwimmer: Hero of “A Wing and a Prayer”

The film by Boaz Dvir tells the remarkable story of Al Schwimmer, the unassuming TWA flight engineer, who assembled a group of American pilots on a dangerous mission: acquire and smuggle airplanes and arms to rescue the new state of Israel, when it was attacked after announcing its statehood. After the war, this remarkable man developed Israel Aircraft Industries, IAI. David Ben Gurion referred to Al as “the greatest gift America gave Israel.”

The one-hour presentation by Marvin Klemow worked for Israel Aircraft Industries (Now Israel Aerospace Industries) from 1969 to 2017. Hired by IAI’s founder and president, Al Schwimmer, he was proud to be one of the second group of “Al’s boys.” Marvin was responsible for IAI’s activities within the US Government, working with the highest government officials in both the USA and Israel. He was interviewed by Mike Wallace on 60 minutes and has testified before Congress. At a memorial service for Schwimmer, he said, “There are dreamers and visionaries. Visionaries make their dreams come true. Al Schwimmer was truly a visionary.”

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