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Dispatches from the Journey to 613 Mitzvot


Since Rabbi Arnowitz announced in early September that he had set a goal for us as a congregation to do 612 new mitzvot by his installation on December 8 (with the 613th to be completed by us as a group that day), reports of good deeds have been flooding in to WJC.

Mitzvah No. 87 was reported by Risa Seelenfreund on Sept. 13. She wrote: “The Seelenfreunds (Risa, David, Cory and Lia) participated in a charity walk for ovarian cancer on September 7. We walked to support our aunt who has been bravely fighting ovarian cancer for five years.”

Not long afterward, Ann Pardes, the ECC Director, wrote to say: “Samantha Sundel, from the Blue 4s, recently sold some of her toys in a family tag sale. She saved the money in her PJ Library tzedakah box and brought it to school with her mother. Then, she presented it to Rabbi Arnowitz so he could give the money to charity.” (No. 90)

And then there was Mitzvah No. 97, as described by Rachel Aronow: “Hannah Aronow (7 years old) and Michael Aronow (3 years old) helped me make chicken soup with matzah balls. We packaged the portions and some yummy clementines and brought them to our elderly neighbor, who is unable to walk well.”

Cathy Dobkins befriended “a man named Gene who works as a guard at the Bank of America parking lot near MHS.” His “lonely job,” as Cathy tells it, is to ensure that only bank customers park in the lot. Cathy had noticed that Gene’s folding chair was a “rickety piece of plastic,” and so she went to Costco to buy him a new one: “nice, solid and padded.” She was rewarded with two hugs, and “a huge smile.” (No. 133)

Whether as an individual, committee or other group, you can submit a report of your mitzvah at: Please include photos if possible. There are also boxes near the WJC entrances with forms to record your mitzvah. Any questions? Please email Rabbi Arnowitz:

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