Emergency Housing Initiative

The Mamaroneck Coalition for Affordable Housing (MCAH) and WJC- SOJAC

Can you help a neighbor in need?
Volunteer to provide short-term emergency housing for families of 2-6 displaced by a catastrophic event.
More than one year after Hurricane Ida, local government and community organizations are putting plans in place to help people impacted by such catastrophic events.
The Mamaroneck Coalition for Affordable Housing (MCAH), and Theresa Colyar, and the Coalition for Community, are working with various organizations to plan for this possibility. Houses of worship play a large part in doing the work and providing much of what is needed. WJC is represented on, and active in both organizations.

Where does WJC come in? Where do you come in?
After experiencing the displacement of families and the destruction caused by Hurricane Ida, we want to be prepared for any catastrophic emergency in the Larchmont-Mamaroneck area. Our community is working with FEMA should a large-scale emergency occur, but there is about a 3 day wait time for help to arrive. The solution: WJC and other houses of worship are seeking volunteer families who will house a family of 2-6 people for up to 3 days. Families in need of housing will be taken to Mamaroneck High School, there will be an intake process and the Red Cross will match up host and displaced families as needed, from lists we and other houses of worship have provided.

Can you volunteer? Can you help? Look at what is needed below… It is a blessing and a mitzvah!
Sign up! Contact Sharon Silver at sraplata@msn.com

What volunteer hosts need to know:

  • Beds
  • Bathroom with tub or shower
  • Outlets
  • Toiletries (some will be provided)
  • Breakfast
  • Attend an orientation meeting

Other Supports for displaced families and host families: (WJC is working on these on these with the Coalition for Community)

  • Dinners (WJC Chesed Freezer. Cook with us on Mitzvah Day and other times.)
  • Toiletry kits (pre-packed items, all regular sizes: individual toothbrushes, toothpaste, bodywash, deodorant, shampoo).) (WJC is collecting toiletries now and making individual bags.)
  • Transportation (Can you drive children to school? Adults to appointments, work, etc.?)

Social Justice Action Committee (SOJAC)
Questions? Sign-up? Contact Sharon Silver at sraplata@msn.com


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