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Faith and Family: A New Program for Parents of Young Children


Do you ever wonder…

– How can I bring some peace into my family’s crazy schedule?

– How can I answer my children’s questions about God when I’m not even sure what I believe?

– How can we navigate holiday celebrations as a multi-faith family?

– How can I teach my kids to deal with tough situations and to make good choices?

Join a supportive community of fellow parents to learn, share, and explore the ways in which Jewish wisdom can support you on this crazy ride called parenthood! Faith and Family consists of five sessions geared towards parents of children in nursery and elementary school. Sessions include learning, spirited discussion, and hands-on projects like art and baking. Families of all backgrounds are invited to participate.

Ultimately, we hope this program will empower parents to prioritize Jewish activities for their families, make parenting decisions informed by Jewish values, know where to look for ideas and resources, and feel that they have both peer and professional guidance easily available.

Faith and Family is a program of USCJ, the network of Conservative Jewish congregations and sponsors of the popular Sulam for Emerging Leaders program. You might think of this as “Sulam for Parents.”

We seek to create a cohort of about 5-10 families who will participate in this five-session program this winter and spring. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at or Joanna Liebman at

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