Frozen Lemon Ice Pops in Israel


Throughout the year, different WJC families and their travels will be highlighted in The Review, in an effort to instill a love for Israel. Below is our latest installment.

There is nothing like experiencing Israel through the eyes of your own children. This past summer, with our children—Golan (9), Leela (7), and Rafi (4)—we planned a fun-filled, kid-friendly adventure visiting holy landmarks and local favorites with the goal of continuing to develop a love for the country and being Jewish.

A family highlight was our desert trip, complete with camel riding, Bedouin hospitality, a dip in the Dead Sea (ouch!), and a contrasting splash in the waterfalls at Ein Gedi. We sampled shwarma and falafel at every vendor friends and family recommended to decide on our own favorite and drank freshly squeezed pomegranate juice daily.

Writing their personal prayer and placing it in a tiny crack in the Kotel is something Golan and Leela are sure to remember while Rafi can’t stop talking about the “artic man” (the ice pop vendor that has been around forever!) that roams the beaches of Tel-Aviv daily and comes at the exact moment you are in need of that incredibly frozen lemon ice pop.   

If anyone is planning a trip, we are happy to share our favorite places!

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